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'HerBiology' Programme

Work with me 1:1 for 3 months to optimise your health,  and live a more energised life.

I understand your situation - I was you.

This is for you if you are a woman working in a high pressure environment and you are facing burnout.

Too many continuous big deadlines, and then pushing yourself to socialise when you have downtime, because if you work hard, then you need to play hard too to blow off steam.  

But now you may be struggling with:

  • Lack of energy or enthusiasm 

  • Anxiety and feeling overwhelmed by the smallest of things

  • Digestive issues like acid reflux, bloating, constipation, IBS or ulcers

  • Catching every virus that is going, and taking ages to recover

  • Hormonal issues like irregular cycles, painful periods, heavy periods, PCOS, or peri/menopause

  • Brain fog and poor memory

and you are done with popping  painkillers, Rennie's, or omeprazole to get through the week. Or taking the oral contraceptive pill to try and mask the symptoms. As they aren't solving the issue.

This is for You.


With my signature 4 step method personalised to your specific needs, personalised herbal medicine formulas, your testing results (included in the programme) and support from someone who has been in your situation, you’ll have the exact tools, knowledge and support you need to take your health to the next level. 

My Signature Method


1 / Root

A thorough 1:1 consultation where you tell me ALL your symptoms, plus the Hair Trace Mineral Analysis screening & Results call, we determine what may be at the root of your symptoms/condition, where you may be deficient in certain nutrients and minerals, where you may have heavy metal toxicity and the approach we'll take using herbs and naturopathy, personalised to you. 

2 / Nourish

We nourish your nervous system, addressing chronic stress, anxiety, and sleep issues, using personalised herbal medicine remedies, naturopathic techniques and nutrition. 

3 / Digest 

We address your digestive symptoms such as bloating and constipation, but really focus in on the root cause, and use personalised herbal medicine remedies, naturopathic techniques and nutrition to help you have a happy healthy gut.  When your digestive health is working well, it has an incredible ripple effect across your entire health, such as beginning to shift excess oestrogen, and improving skin conditions. 

4 / Hormonise

In this step we focus on any hormonal complaints and any additional lifestyle habits you need to embed to ensure your health continues to improve and you are creating sustainable change.

What Exactly is Included


1. Initial health consultation (1 hour)

Online call with me to discuss your symptoms, previous medical history, current supplements/medication, any test results you may have already.

This call will inform the core part of your wellness plan/herbal prescription. 








2. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Testing

A test kit is sent to your home, where you take a hair sample and return to me. 

See 'Why do HTMA testing' page for more info.

3. HTMA results interpretation call ( 1 hour)

Online call with me to discuss your HTMA screening results, and what this means for you. 

The HTMA results will inform the wellness plan/herbal prescription.

(Depending on the results, in some circumstances, I may recommended additional tests (e.g. thyroid panel). This is optional and an additional cost.)

4. Naturopathic Wellness plan

A personalised naturopathic wellness plan will be created for you. This will provide lifestyle, dietary, environmental advice for you to follow. This plan will get updated after the HTMA results.

For some people this may include cleansing and detoxing type protocols for you to follow (don't worry, we'll discuss it to make sure it's right for you).

I also use Bach Flower Remedies to address emotional aspects of your situation. 

5. Herbal Medicine 

A personalised herbal medicine prescription will be created for you, and posted to you.

The first package will include 2 weeks of herbs to see how you respond. After this, the formula may be adjusted.   Herbs will be posted every 2-4 weeks for the duration of the 3 month programme.

Herbs may be provided as teas, tinctures, creams or a combination of all.

I use the highest quality grade herbs (organic if available), bought from reputable suppliers in the UK.  

6. Regular Support (Follow-Ups)

I will support you throughout the 3 month programme, to help you embed new habits, adjust lifestyle and adjust your herbal prescription as and when it is required.

Our first follow up will be a week after you start to take the herbs, the next follow up will be two weeks after this. The remaining two follow-ups will be monthly. 

I will also support you outside of these timeframes via email.





Incl in consultation fee

Approx Value




Total Programme Value:​      £700

Programme Price:   £620

(Saving £80!)

All the pain (IBS, periods) is gone, its such a relief! I also had sleep issues, felt tired all the time, and was really stressed. The 3 month programme was really really good!

Lucy, 42

Want to work together?

Click the button to arrange a free 15 min introductory call where you can tell me more about your health journey and we can see if this programme is the right fit for you. If it's not, then there there is no obligation, it's totally ok, and I'll suggest something else you can do to meet your health goals.  

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