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8 week Stress Relief package

photo of Angela Young

This 8 week package provides EVERYTHING you need to help reduce your stress response, help repair and nourish your nervous system and adrenals, and improve your resilience to stress going forward.


This package is for you, if you are feeling:

  • burnt-out/ exhausted

  • easily triggered by people and situations around you

  • you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep

Do you want to change this picture, with as little weekly effort as possible (as you are so tired!!), and work towards SUSTAINABLE change

Rather than attending a 1 week yoga or wellbeing retreat, (which although they are fabulous, they are also very expensive, and only last 1 week!), this package aims to give you the tools needed to manage stress long-term, as well as nourish your body and mind now.

And all from the comfort of your own home. Consultations are online.


Package includes:

  1. Consultations & Stress Relief Support Plan

  2. Personalised herbal medicine for 8 weeks

  3.  Supplements for 8 weeks

  4. Weekly email with naturopathic advice on stress management

  5.  Self-care package for re-mineralising (and nourishing yourself)

What is Included


1.     1:1 consultations  & Stress Relief Support Plan

1:1 initial consultation and one follow-up consultation.  We discuss your symptoms, previous medical history, current supplements/ medication, diet and lifestyle.

This call will inform your stress relief support plan and which herbs are most suitable for your herbal prescription. 

Follow-up consultation takes place around 4 week's after the initial consultation. 







2. Personalised herbal medicine prescription for 8 weeks. 

This usually contains a morning tincture, a sleep tonic, plus daytime support either in the form of a tincture or tea.  The herbs and form (e.g. tincture vs tea) will be determined after the 1:1 consultation.  I use the highest quality grade herbs (organic where available), bought from reputable suppliers in the UK who supply ONLY to qualified herbalists.  

3. Supplements

Highest quality supplements that are essential to support your nervous system, which is the system that regulates your stress response. When we are chronically stressed, we deplete essential vitamins and minerals, plus we struggle to get the amount we need from diet alone.

This package includes 2 months of :

  • B vitamin complex (all B vitamins, in methylated form, to help you gain the most uptake)

  • Zinc citrate

  • Magnesium 

4. Weekly naturopathic advice 

Weekly email with lifestyle advice on how to manage your stress response, including how this can be fitted into your busy day to day schedule.  Spending a week to embed each new nugget of lifestyle advice, as a habit, ensures you are creating sustainable change, and building a toolkit to draw upon when life gets a bit overwhelming (as its sure to do) in the future. 

5. Self-care box 

Your self-care box contains items to enable you to follow the mineral re-balancing advice that you will be given.  We are made up of minerals (e.g. calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus etc) and when we are chronically stressed, we deplete these. This box includes:

  • A delicious, yet healthy, hot chocolate drink (raw cacao, reishi powder, coconut milk, cinnamon and salt)

  • Magnesium flakes with lavender, for having bi-weekly bath soaks. 

  • High quality salt to add to your food (and a drink recipe that you will receive)









Total Package Value:     £504

Package Price: £380 
(saving £124!)

Want to proceed, or have a few questions?

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