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herbology   noun

her·​bol·​o·​gy | \ (h)ər-ˈbä-lə-jē

(Medicine) the use or study of herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is used today by 80% of the world’s population, and has been used for thousand’s of years.  Every herb used medicinally has known actions and qualities, with affinities to one or more body systems or organs.

Herbs can be used alongside conventional medicine, and details of current medication are noted in your consultation to avoid possible interactions.

Using naturopathic principles of...

  1. Treating the individual, not the disease

  2. Looking beyond the symptoms to the underlying cause

  3. Supporting the body's ability to heal

... I take a holistic approach, applying herbs alongside naturopathic techniques such as detoxification protocols, lifestyle, and nutrition advice, to restore vitality and physiological balance.

Herbs may be taken as ‘teas’ (infusions or decoctions), alcohol-based tinctures, powders, or powders made into capsules.  Creams & ointments may also be used for external application.

Natural Herbs

" The human body is an incredibly capable organism. Given the right nutrients, herbal support, & by addressing the lifestyle factors causing imbalance, vitality can be improved. "

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