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A Natural approach to Women's Health

Do you have:​

  • low energy, feel down, irritable, anxious, stressed?

  • brain fog?

  • hormonal issues (PMS, PMT, perimenopausal symptoms, menopausal symptoms, heavy periods, painful periods, endometriosis, PCOS etc )?

  • ongoing digestive issues (bloating, reflux, constipation or loose stools, feel uncomfortable after eating, ulcers, Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis)?

  • chronic fatigue?

Do you want to feel more energised, and in control of your health? And to be able to go about your day-to -day life without it being impacted by your health, whether that is at work, at home or socially? 

Have you had tests done by doctors but are still struggling to make any headway with improving your health, or have been told you need to 'live with it'?

Herbal medicine is used today by 80% of the world’s population, and is prescribed by GPs in places such as Switzerland and Scandinavia   Every herb used medicinally has known actions and qualities, with affinities to one or more body systems or organ, for example nerve tropho-restoratives that nourish the nervous system, improving resilience to stress and addressing adrenal fatigue, to herbs such as Hawthorn that balance blood pressure.   

Traditional use of herbs often goes back hundreds if not thousands of years, and these days we also have the benefit of scientific research studies for some herbs. 

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Yellow Flowers

The Power of Herbal Medicine

Herbs support women's health beautifully;

They support balancing of hormone levels in various ways; supporting or moderating progesterone and oestrogen production, blocking xeno-oestrogens (environment chemicals that act like oestrogen but in a harmful way) from binding to your oestrogen receptors, modulating an irregular cycle, and supporting your liver in its various detox pathways (breaking down and removal of waste products/toxins and supporting the regeneration of liver cells).

From a mental health perspective, they can support anxiety disorders and depression through actions such as nourishing the adrenal glands (which produce cortisol) increasing serotonin production, modulate GABA and dopamine, with some working directly on the pituitary gland.

Herbs can also support sleep disorders, hot flushes and night sweats, vaginal dryness, as well as supporting heart health and heart palpitations.

All the herbs I use (tinctures, teas etc) are from British suppliers and are rigorously tested to ensure the potency of their phytochemicals. (Please don't buy herbs from amazon as they may not be the actual herb advertised/be toxic.) 

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a system of health care that promotes the body’s own self-healing mechanism. It uses natural therapies such as nutrition, herbal medicine,  hydrotherapy, fasting, exercise and other modalities, in accordance with naturopathic principles. 

Naturopathy is based on a set of naturopathic principles where we look to support your body's own innate power of self-healing, given the right nutrients/building blocks, and when anything harmful to its healing is removed (environmental/lifestyle aspects). The principles include:

  1. Treating the individual, not the disease

  2. Looking beyond the symptoms to the underlying cause

  3. Do no harm – a Naturopath will never use treatments that may create other conditions


Some of the naturopathic techniques that we may employ in your wellness plan are nutrition and lifestyle advice, or detoxification protocols.

I also use Bach flower remedies to support you with any emotional aspects to your health conditions. 

"Angela has been a God send......she has such an excellent knowledge of which herbs, supplements and life hacks to bring to this crucial time in a woman's life (menopause). My recommendation is book in and follow her advice"

Lisa D

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