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I am a qualified and insured Herbalist and Naturopath, based in Kent, (although location doesn't mean much in today's world, as I currently hold consultations online and post prescriptions!).

I am also an accredited member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners.

Originally from the Highlands of Scotland and so grew up surrounded by nature, not realising how lucky I was at the time, able to spend a lot of my childhood exploring outdoors.

I then moved to London for 14 years, and as much as I loved the mix of cultures, vibrant food scene, and myriad of activities on hand, I still felt the need to immerse myself in the countryside or in some of London’s many green spaces frequently. This cumulated in a recent move to rural Kent where we are lucky to have 2 acres of land to grow herbs.

I have had very corporate career, working in data and technology at some of the big consulting firms, and have experienced the side of effects of this: stress, illness, fatigue, and sleep issues, to name but a few.

After reaching a tipping point, I took a career break to travel, to regain my health, and in the process I learnt how to listen to my body.   During my time abroad I also experienced the power of herbal medicine, and as a happy consequence, realised I had found my passion in life.  

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