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My niche is women's health, and helping women to feel in control using herbal medicine and naturopathic principles and protocols. I also have a special interest in digestive health, postnatal, and peri-menopause.

Qualifications and Clinic

I am a qualified and insured Herbalist (Diploma level 6 - degree level) and Naturopath. I run my practice online, and from my clinic in Kent.


I am a fully accredited member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and GNC (General Naturopathic Council).


My Story

Originally from the Highlands of Scotland and so grew up surrounded by nature, not realising how lucky I was at the time, able to spend a lot of my childhood exploring outdoors.

I moved to London for 14 years where I had a very demanding corporate career, working in data and technology at some of the big consulting firms, and have experienced the side of effects of this: stress, illness, fatigue, and sleep issues, to name but a few.


After reaching a tipping point, I took a career break to travel, to regain my health, and in the process I learnt how to listen to my body. Along the way I met many people who had recovered from illness using natural methods, and was lucky enough to 

discover the power of herbal medicine myself.  As a happy consequence, I also realised I had found my passion in life.  

I now live and run my practice from rural Kent (and online!) where we are lucky to have 2 acres of land for my son to run wild, and for actively increasing the biodiversity with wildflower meadows and tree planting. 

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